Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Participating in Muslim youth Programme XD


Salam~ Alhamdulillah..There are lots of activities going on since the start of the semester break, Ya rabb, please make my holidays blessed and benificial, amiin. May all the work we do should ideally be for the sake of Allah..inshaAllah~

Islam was never meant to be an individualistic faith, reserved for the "chosen few". Muslims have a duty to spread the Deen, and practicing Muslim youth, whether beginners, activists or leaders, have a crucial role to play.

Talking abt the programme, It was a definitely YES YES AND YES when someone asked me to join hehe . Anyhoo, The programme will start tomorrow at 5pm sharp for registration ,inshaAllah with a very tight schedule~ (I like!!) xD, im interested in this programme just because it includes the task of bringing someone closer to Allah such as Practicing islam more regularly with friends via talks, reciting Quran with ustadzah,interact,helping the elders, staying healthy and all that which im looking foward to =) Bi iznillah.

Expect the unexpected. Hope this will improve the 'teen culture' of the muslim youth nowadays~inshaAllah..Amiin ^^,

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